Let Us Answer Some

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 360 Vodka eco-friendly?

360 Vodka is produced using locally sourced grain. It is six-times distilled in an extremely efficient distillation process that maximizes energy efficiency. The bottle is made of recycled glass and is designed for reuse with its swing-top closure, and the closure itself can be returned to the distillery for reuse through the company’s Close the Loop program. The labels are printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly inks and are produced in a facility that uses wind power. Finally, the leftover grains that are byproducts of the distillation process are dried and sent out as feed to local farms, resulting in almost no waste from the production of 360 Vodka.

Is 360 Vodka Gluten-Free?

Yes, all 360 Vodka is made with corn locally sourced in the fields of Missouri and is naturally gluten-free.

Does 360 Vodka contain added sugar?

Our flavored vodkas do contain small amounts of added sugar. For information about the calories and nutritional content of any 360 Vodka flavored vodka, please contact us through our contact form.

What is the source of flavors in 360 Vodka Flavors?

All 360 flavored vodkas are produced with natural flavors obtained from a variety of proprietary sources.

How do I recycle my swing-top bottle cap?

Click here to request a pre-paid envelope to send your swing-top bottle caps back to us. Please note that you can tape the envelope to a larger envelope or box if you have multiple caps to send back. Thank you for your participation in the Close the Loop program!

Where can I buy 360 Vodka?

If you’re having a hard time finding 360 Vodka, we’d like to help! Please reach out to us with your name and city through our contact form or via a message to our Facebook page and we will help you find the product in your area. Please note that you can also make a request to your favorite local retailer that they carry the product.

Do you offer tours?

Tours are offered daily at the Holladay Distillery, home of 360 Vodka. Please visit our website HolladayDistillery.com or call 816.640.3056 for more information.

Where can I purchase materials?

You can purchase souvenirs and spirits at the McCormick Country Store in Weston, MO. Store hours are: Monday-Thursday (10 am-5 pm), Friday (10 am-6 pm), Saturday (10 am-6 pm), Sunday (12-5 pm).

Do you ship product & souvenirs?

The McCormick Country store can ship clothing and other logo items. We are not legally permitted to ship alcohol. Call 816-640-3149 for more information.

Where is my rebate?

Contact 1-888-426-4650 if it has been at least 10 weeks since you mailed your rebate.

Do you have any empty barrels for sale?

McCormick does not have empty barrels available for sale.For inquiries about barrels, please contact the Independent Stave Co. at 417-588-4151 or www.independentstavecompany.com