360 Vodka earns a 93 point rating at the 2016 Ultimate Beverage Challenge

Ultimate Beverage Challenge™ (UBC) conducts two international competitions each year: Ultimate Spirits Challenge™ (USC) in March and Ultimate Wine Challenge™ (UWC) in May. What makes UBC the beverage industry’s most cutting-edge evaluation company?

Replies Founder and Judging Chairman F. Paul Pacult, “Since 2010, three things have made UBC the world’s finest arbiter of beverage alcohol quality. First and foremost is our rigorous, innovative methodology that creates a level playing field for every spirit and wine that’s submitted to USC and UWC. We introduced the industry’s strictest analytical processes by instituting our unique multi-level evaluation system that allows more than one panel to analyze each entry. In order for spirits and wines to display their virtues they are served at optimum temperatures. UBC is the sole competition company to insist on staging only small flights of 2 to 8 beverages so judges remain alert and fresh. And, at USC and UWC judging panels taste all
entries blind, never knowing the identity of or the price of samples to ensure that each entry is dealt with fairly. Our goal is one-pointed: to provide unbiased, accurate ratings.

“Second, because of UBC’s uncompromising procedural standards we hire the best authorities as our spirits and wine judges. By that I mean our generation’s most prominent and acknowledged beverage specialists such as Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, award-winning authors and journalists, consultants and buyers, bartenders and food and beverage managers. UBC does not hire distillers or winemakers as judges because we never want to give any one product an advantage over another. Beyond the UBC judges, we employ the most capable and experienced back-of-house staff in the U.S. to guarantee the smooth operation of each competition.

“Third, UBC has its own dedicated facility in Hawthorne, New York, 35 minutes north of Manhattan, where both USC and UWC are conducted. By creating a pristine and conducive environment for our staff and judges, we have brought forward the entire concept of beverage competitions. The UBC Evaluation Center provides brick-and-mortar proof of our total commitment to doing things right. It’s the UBC way.”

Tasting notes from the Ultimate Beverage Challenge described 360 Vodka as subtly peppery, redolent of fresh citrus and cedar, this vodka is crisp and focused on the palate. Hints of black licorice, apple, and cantaloupe rind fill out the middle of this crisp, attractively balanced spirit.

360 Vodka also received the 2016 Finalist and 2016 Great Value awards.

For more information please visit the Ultimate Beverage Challenge website.